Hi Everyone.
I found some time tonight to record some video footage. The following files are in mp4 format and recorded in HD (720p) so expect large file sizes. YouTube won't let me upload tonight for some odd reason so I'm going to host these off my own server for a while.

01 Introduction
Just a quick video of me talking about the video's and what's to come.
Click to Download - 94MB

02 Loading and setting up giga files.
In this video I show how you can assign Giga files to slots on the screen so that they can be recalled at any time with a single press of a button. The audio is a direct line so you can also listen to the quality of the sounds in this video.
Click to Download - 500MB

03 Piano Performance.
A short performance of me playing an original tune on straight piano.
Click to Download 139MB

Kind Regards

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