What MS really really needs to become the ultimate success is a huge community of people creating awesome stuff (Styles/sounds/performances) on it and sharing it over the web.

I am only wondering how long it will take till someone finds a way to copy all those gorgeous Audya styles and then create his own Q-ranger styles with that raw matterial... and finally sharing it on the web for free...

I don't wanna discuss if its legal or not... but when MS and groove become popular this is going to happen making them even more popular.

And best thing is, Ketron will not sell one instrument less, because a Ketron Customer that likes a closed system that will work straight out of the box will never buy an open system that needs to be tweaked with every song they want to play.

And you can also count on your fingers that there will be a gorgeous freeware soundset available that can stand up to T3 and so make the Mediastation the perfect system to play T3 styles, or a soundset with Roland quallity so Diki can play his favourite styles on MS too.

I don't say its legal, but its going to happen when the Groove becomes popular and mainstream... And people like Helmut Ederer developing styles for the Mediastation and trying to sell it in Germany and Austria will only speed up that process.

I have doubted very long about the possible success of Mediastation and Groove, but the instrument has grown month after month and its finally ready for mainstream music market. As long as Dom keeps improving it (like debugging the faults found by James) and adding more feautures to it, the company has a bright future and will gladly take over the place of companies that stopped being innovative and have left the arranger buiseness (Roland, Wersi, Gem)
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