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With due respect Bachus, those faults on the MS identified by James, were already identified by me on this forum a year ago.

Along with a few others that I am also waiting to see if they have been sorted.

One that DOES seem to have been fixed is the J.A.C.K. operation. So thats a good start.

But the others (as confirmed by James) still have not been addressed from OS 3.

only, James makes video from problems he finds. Domenico will know what exactly is going on then, MS / Groove users are happy that someone, so loudly and clearly explain something. people who are interested in lionstracs products are happier. but I must say that the bugs I found are fixed quickly.

and my suggestions as that of others if they are practicable be taken seriously by lionstracs. on lionstracs forum Domenico had a wish list for users, but becouse of some negative prejudices here, he was very tired.
here were even people who had wanted him to stop this product.
when I see the OS now, I can say it is so close to the finish line, maybe some very small steps still to do. if the O.S once reached the finish line, other options that are asked are very simple to make. This product will ever be the best selling product, by which he can and others can not do.

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