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I have a question for Dom...

Did you ever consider using Kore(player) as a host for NI Komplete. This way you need only 1 Asio host for all the NI Komplete instruments and many more.

I really like how Kore 2 functions, and you could set it up in such a way that you use your faders instead of your knobs. The Kore/player software is very userfriendly and works like a dream.

Maybe an Idea... add 8 knobs to your new mediastation to controll Kore (or anythingelse) that would give even more controll options then the GRoove allready has

it is possible already, install kore and conect a midi usb keyboard controller with knobs and sliders like roland edirol PSR 800. it wil be your second synth and you can controll kore totally in realtime with your midi usb controller and use other options of MS/Groove for other things. but your idea is not bad.
but when you at least use 1 other usb midi keyboard controller with knobs and sliders with MS / Groove,you create much more new potential with MS/Groove then has already.

if you have KORE 2 Controller for kore and conect it with usb cabel to one MS asio, and conect other usb midi keyboard controller to the same MS asio works to, and you can use the other MS options in realtime with this in realtime.

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