I was under the impression that Lionstracs has discontinued their "76" key version of the Mediastation. The only 76 key I see on the website is "close out" models and the dual manual Organ thing-a-ma-jig. That's why I said in an earlier post that I thought Lionstracs was "out of sync" "up in the air" and quite frankly "out of touch" with a good portion of Arranger players. So, not only are Dom's arranger workstations now relegated to 61 keys only apparently (except the "fire sale" items), they STILL cost an arm and a leg to boot. Or rather... I have to say though that the "fire sale" Mediastation's are a bargain.

Such is life when the Manufacturers can smell "gullibility" a mile a way and "pounce" on their targets like a Lion - (s)trac. Yammie, Korg, and Roland are all guilty too so it's not like I'm singling out Dom. OTOH, maybe Casio WILL release a high-end Arranger at Musikmesse this month and perhaps it will "undercut" the competition's cost considerably. All things considered, I would gladly spend two or three "thousand" 'less' on the Casio if indeed Casio musters an acceptable offering that is full featured and has at least 128 note polyphony. And in a 76 key version of course.

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