one thing, about the O.S it is not the same as 64studio distro but 64studio build the O.S and advise and recommends things to make the OS better and better. There are even pro studios that use 64studio distro to.64studio is a good linux distro for music. they create good custom O.S for other brands to. when lionstracs start to devolp the new O.S late in 2008 we like it as MS users.


-qranger for audio+midi styles with unlimated tracks
-8 asio VST and change between VST in realtime
-karaoke player for midi and MP3 with lyrics
-combi mode with asio VST+giga sounds-rom layerd sounds.
-video player.
-kaos option
-ultra low latency

do you think that this options is possible in one day of programing?

miden the O.S changed now a lot, from when you had a MS. domenico said always his team is working hard to make the O.S finish,
some believed his words with patience but you did not.

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