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Sooner or later I will upgrade the OS, I know myself but it's not easy for me. I have to import the PCI Express VGA and probably the Asrock mainboard (I only find an ASUS compatible here) and buy the micro. I also know I won't create or modify any style because I don't have neither time nor patience and I enjoy more playing than editing stuff. I use a 5% or less than the MS can offer me and I already spent Us$ 3800 with the Psr s900 and the MS.

PS, I am also waiting for the final OS 10.0 with no bugs that surely will require a faster CPU and a new PCi Don't tell this to Dom

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Hardware upgrade:
that is your personal choice. nobody can force you to do.

but I just write the capabilities of the MS as it is now. it will help people who want to know. an example of the capabilities of eight asio host connection to USB keyboard controllers is for sound designers. they can for example in realtime connect usb controllers to 8 asio host VST. for each host selcet a sound and make desired settings and play the sound in realtime on one controller then connect the sound to a DAW senqunser or EXTREME SAMPLE CONVERTER and sample the sound to make new instruments sound. it is a great option for example sound designers like James. He has opened this thread

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