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Dom, i don't want to be rude...

But exactly those demo's and that demonstrator are a huge part of the reason your products did not get the attention and critics they deserve...

I'd remove all those old demo's with that demonstrator from the internet, in the end they can only hurt the brandname Lionstracs.

I'm agree with you. When I saw demo videos with that demonstrator, i totally did not want to have a MS. but by talking to domenicco via email, I have seen that I can trust him,and I trusted what I read. that demo player is a famous organist in Germany, but he does not explain. He starts with an organ sound and keeps going with playing. The demos that domenico created self looks much better.For example multiple ASIO and .........I have no regrets.

James,play and explain the keyboard options as manual as you see working in practice
anyway James is a good player. and he speaks good English with a beautiful Irish accent.

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