Originally posted by Ensnareyou:
It's only bullshit if what Dom were saying wasn't true. Of course you've never played a Mediastation so you're presuming it sounds like a Casio and doesn't have the features other arranger/workstations do and you'd be dead wrong.

When I HEAR crap, that's what I call it... (you know, those flappy things on the side of your head you have decided to ignore, most of us still USE them!). I don't need to presume. I HAVE heard the MS. So have all of us here. It sounds terrible (unless you load it up with a fortune in VSTi's, and do your own style development, which, from what we can tell, no-one has yet done).

Prove otherwise, or get off the thread. I am tired to my bones of all you fanboys utterly incapable of providing one lick of truth to your rhetoric. I know that once you have been suckered into paying these vastly inflated prices, you go into a state of denial about how badly you have been conned. But the rest of us still live in the real world.

You know, the one where, if something IS good, it SOUNDS good on a demo.

Either make some good music on it, or shut up. Nobody with a T2 or G70 or PA2Xpro is ashamed to post their work. Why are ALL the MS owners so shy?

Because, in their heart of hearts, they know they've been conned, too...