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Very, very impressive...demos are awesome....sounds(and the control you have over them) are certainly a step above anything else out there.


You might want to crawl out from under that rock once in a while so you can see and hear the real world before continually making such blanket statements. "Sounds and control that are certainly a step above anything else"? You've got to be kidding! My ancient Fairlight has more control over the sound than the Tyros 3 and it's been around for nearly 30 years. Real time knobs, switches, wheels, and several pedals (all fully programmable I might add). I've been switching between samples, adjusting filters, vibrato, LFO, levels, pan, FX, and anything else I want too for a long, long time. Even Yamaha's antiquated CS80 has more control over the sounds it creates than the Tyros 3. Give some of Vangelis' work a listen sometime and hear the variations in sound he creates simply by manipulating the CS80's real time controls. Then take into consideration the CS80 was made back in 1977. Now that's truly awesome!

I hate to bring up Wersi or Lionstracs yet again but both of them also have more control over sounds than a Tyros 3 does. Also, both can play large disk streaming files that make the Tyros 3's SA1, SA2, and Megavoices sound like a child's toy. There are many keyboards available that have more features than the Tyros 3 is offering and these features were available years ago. The Korg Oasys is another case in point where it has multiple switches, knobs, a joystick, and foot pedals to control many aspects of its sounds. Spend some time with the Oasys and you'll see what an incredible performance keyboard it is.

I did like some of the sounds on the Tyros 3 demo's but by no means was I blown away by them nor were they any better than what I'm using already on my Wersi factory sounds. I'll hold out final judgment on the Tyros 3 until I play it in person, but considering the demos were highly polished and produced, I'm pretty sure the board isn't going to knock my socks off. Of course YMMV.

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