Thank you, itís not brilliance on my part, I've been there. LOL


Whatever Liontracks is doing isn't working. They honestly need some good feedback from people who understand this market. A 90 day loan to the right people on this forum could make a hell of a difference.

I sell a Computer management system for the Auto-Body industry. The product is from Australia and it's brilliant. Let me tell you why. The first thing the founder did was ask what people wanted, checked out what was available, and then thought outside the box. This was over 20 years ago and we've been around for all that time. He also hired terrific programmers.
To this day he is still in contact with his customers implementing changes suggested by them. Of course he had to reject many suggestions but knew the right ones to pick. Last but not least the founder is one of the most creative and brilliant people I've ever known. This was a customer driven product. The bottom line was the founder would call his customers and ask what improvements they would like to see.
It would be harder for Musical instrument companies to model that approach because of the large numbers. This forum would be a terrific place for such things and is perfect place to get positive exposure for smaller companies. Liontraks is going to have to put up or shut up. I think there is a lot of potential but if it is unrealized then is wasted.