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Nope, I ain't kidding.

Now, back under the Yamaha rock I go.

It's the brilliant (and easy) way Yamaha have provided control over the sounds...even you could handle it...the more experienced players will love it too.


PS...the CS80 (had one...also had a Jupiter 8) is not an arranger...and neither is the poky old Fairlight.

Gee...you gotta update your gear...must be hard times?

PSS...I haven't heard anything from Wersi or Lointracs that impressed me...at least from the lackluster demos....hardly ear-inspiring...may as well be listening to a Casio (my apologies to Casio).

Before blame me, wersi and Casio...let your T3 to play ONE simple stupid 5Kb MP3..then maybe you can talk about the new OLD features implemented on T3.
I will also ee the new USB 2.0 there if still need 1 hour or half..for load 1Gb ram..
Enjoy what you play