Thank you for posting, I enjoyed the sounds and the organ parts sounded really good. However like many other posters I find the sounds too CD like. Having said that, it doesn't stop it from being great as a one man band & musical tool.


I admire your enthusiasm but you have a professional relationship with Yamaha and as such you should be an ambassador for them. Your actions could reflect better and show a lack of professionalism. Never lose the enthusiasm just adopt a little discretion.


Send a keyboard to Diki or another SZ member on loan. Have them do a demo for you then you both can be in the spotlight. Chances are someone could do a hell of a job for you even if he is in your face. Then 2 things get showcased their musical ability & your products ability. Letís face it you product might sound fantastic but you need someone who can demo it correctly and that has not happened as yet. All we seem to get are specifications.

I have now put on my Flame proof suite.