I think the point I have been trying to make for a long time now, is that I understand how, with infinite talent, and infinite time, you can make the most groundbreaking stuff ever heard on any arranger, EVER!

But then, OOTB, there just doesn't seem to be the 'I gotta play this!' factor that the Big 3 give you from their demos...

Whether this is important to the company or not, and whether they'll bother to update the demo library is up to them... But Yamaha don't sell the numbers they do by making demos that are a pale shadow of what the instrument is capable of. They show it to it's BEST, and let us make the extrapolation from there, rather than either show it as it's worst, or prove inadequate to show it at it's best (in which case, they need to hire the best demo-ers available. Do Yamaha hire the level of demo-er that Dom does? Hell no, they don't!)

If you can't make yourself available for every interested party to drive a few miles and actually PLAY one of your instruments (not a few thousand!), you'd better stand by your demos as the BEST your instrument can do, because who in their right mind would pick an arranger by how BAD it sounded in it's own factory demos?
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!