I'm tellin ya Dom..., throw a MS my way (even as a loaner), and I'd be happy to do some sound demos for ya. All people really want to hear are the sounds and styles... From what I can tell..., many just want to hear the styles (without soloing).

Just play some sounds and record them..., play some styles and record those too. All the work can be done on the MS itself (it is indeed IMO a recording powerhouse compared to the top 3).

Ensnareyou..., why not post some sound demos with your MS. Sound of just the MS alone. I agree with you that the MS is a very underestimated board on this forum, but with many members here...., well talk is just that .., simply talk! People want to hear it. I have no doubt in the MS's abilities, but if you have one perhaps you can put some of this to rest for other members.
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