OH MY!......... I started off with the first post in this thread (which was suppose to be about the new T3 sound demos by the way) , and I kept reading post after post and reading and = ...descending in to the low level abyss of mire and clay and "brimstone" and when I got near the end of this slowing descending diatribe I felt "drained" emotionally and strangely, less than human in many ways. Gee, I wonder why that could be??

To be frank, I feel Ian has a propensity to go on the "attack" when he feels Yamaha is threatened in some way and it's more than just your average respectful disagreement it's many times more of a "bitter" and scarcastic 'attack' on the person and which, in my opinion, crosses the line between a healthy debate and/or a "respectfully" heated exchange of words into one of "ad hominem", done spitefully with vengeful sarcasm as its intention.

I don't quite understand why some people have to stoop so low as to degrade the conversations we discuss into one of personal attacks and to do it in such a disrespectful and blatant manner. I realize our discussions can get heated but we need to pause and take a deep breath and count to 100 if necessary before we "lash" into someone with our double-edged cutting words, as if we're trying to make mince meat out of them and feed them to the lions. You may feel that way in your heart but you don't have to spell it out in words on this forum, right? Some of you feel you need to and I think it takes our once respectable SZ Forum and makes it look like we're a bunch of two year old spoiled brats that are out of control.

>> Now, back to the original topic.

I thought the T3 demos were a mix of some really good (breathy Sax was simply fantastic) to some rather not so good (think Drum Kits ) I also didn't care much for the Synths (at least those demo'd anyway) but I rather liked the Pop Grand Piano and even the Rock Grand sounded pretty good to me.

I think that Al hit the nail on the head when he said the T3 had that CD polished sound, which to me, is indicative of a lack of "ambience" in the overall sound or as Al put it: lacking "that 'Live' feel". Of course the T1 and T2 were also noted for the same CD polished sound and it looks like it's repeated in the T3. People who like the CD polished sound will probably go gaga over the T3 and buy one asap, those who don't.. well??? I would have definitely bought a T3 if the Drum Kits were up to snuff and it had 15 more keys. If Yamaha sells a boat load of the T3's as is, then most likely they will continue to stick to their present protocol of 61 key 'only' totl arrangers. If the T3 fizzles at the "box office" then maybe Yamaha will change course and start thinking of that other 50% of arranger players who would prefer 76 or more keys to play on, and the T3 successor i.e. (T4 or whatever they decide to call it) will indeed have at least an option of a 76 key version.

Anyway, I like the fact that Yamaha is continually advancing the "sound realism" of their keyboard instruments and, needless to say, we will see the trickle down effect of the new SA2 voices and other sound improvements on the next traditional Yamaha Workstation that will be coming out in a year or so in replacement of the Motif XS. I understand that Yamaha will NOT be using the Motif emblem on their next totl Workstation and will instead be calling it something else. We shall see...

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