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Squeak.....creating drums aside...they should make it easier to just cut/copy/paste all parts including Into/Ending/Multipads/ etc, by just DRAGING the parts in place ....so that you can easily MIX & MATCH any parts together & save them into a style to play instantly, this alone would be a very POWERFUL feature in arranger KB style creation.

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Drag and drop would require a PC editing program from the arranger makers, however I do know that on the Korg you can use ANY part of ANY style and insert it into a new style, or even one you are editing.

You want to use the 8 bar pattern from variation 4 on a swing style, and put it into a rhumba style you can do it (erghhh!!!) but you can, the ability is already available on the Korg style creator/editor.

You can create a style using 10 different source styles if you wanted to.

I DO think however that the makers could streamline this function, and the ONLY way to do that is to provide PC/Mac software editors.