Quote Dnj:...creating drums aside...they should make it easier to just cut/copy/paste all parts including Into/Ending/Multipads/ etc, by just DRAGING the parts in place ....so that you can easily MIX & MATCH any parts together & save them into a style to play instantly, this alone would be a very POWERFUL feature in arranger KB style creation.

This has always been very easy to do on the last few of the Technics top-of-range boards - certainly on the KN6500 / KN7000.
Gave me a bit of a shock when I found that the boards I have to choose from now, are so far behind and I am going to be stepping backwards as I move on to a different marque.
At todays prices (all other electronic equipment has got better and much cheaper over the last few years), ALL top of range boards should be far better than they actually are. Is this because they no longer have to compete with Technics?
Tony, Sheffield UK