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For what purpose do keyboard PLAYERS need an MP3 player?

Why should one want to load huge samples?

You also persist in telling MS is far superiour and is able to do the same and 'better'. In fact MS is an average PC that ages even faster than keyboards hardware/software.

MP3 players in a keyboard serve many functions. You can use MP3's as backing tracks, use them for a sound set when you take a break during a live performance, and even use them to save rough mixes of songs you are working on then take them with you on your iPod.

Why would anyone want to load huge samples? Realism that's why! If you think the Tyros 3 sounds are realistic then listen to any demo from Kontakt, Giga, Halion, or Miroslav and see just how unrealistic those Tyros 3 sounds are in comparison. Also, on systems like the Mediastation and Wersi you don't actually load the samples each time you play them, the sounds stream from disk so its not unlike selecting a sound on your Tyros.

The Mediastation is far from just an average PC nor does it age quicker than embedded systems like the Tyros 3. When new technology comes out you simply upgrade the hardware on the Mediastation and you are current with whatever is the pinnacle at that time. The Wersi is very similar. The cost of the upgrade is usually but a fraction of what you spend on a new keyboard. If you bought a Wersi back in 1999 you could still upgrade it today to the current OAS software. Name one Yamaha arranger from 1999 or any other Yamaha arranger that can be updated to the Tyros 3 specifications. I'll bet you can't name a single one.

In the case of the Tyros 2 and upcoming Tyros 3 for example, when new technology comes out you have to dump your existing arranger if you want to keep up with the Jones's because most embedded systems are not upgradeable.

There are great advantages to owning an open ended system and eventually all keyboards manufactured will use open architecture. It won't surprise me if Roland's next TOTL arranger uses and open ended system because Roland is more forward thinking than Yamaha.

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