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I like the sounds I heard, but I still think Yamaha is selling us short here... For an upgrade from T2 to T3, we should be getting more than a couple of sounds.

I'll wait to hear it personally before I decide (unlike the T1 and T2 which I happily bought before trying.) But even if I end up getting it I will keep the Korg Pa2x and perhaps even use both on stage. Thankfully I'm in the position to justify having a few keyboards for my performances.

Chony good thinking....but let me ask everyone .....these arrangers sound great ....the Tyros 3 has all these new so called inovative ways to play SA sounds etc etc ....BUT lets not forget no matter how good they make them sound in demos that DOESN'T meant YOU will be able to make them sound that great in general......you could have the best KB in the world but thats no match for peoples personal playing talent...in fact I believe that the Tyros 3 in the hands of a not so good player will sound terrible because they wont have the talents to utilize these sounds & features properly...I hope you understand where I'm coming from.....The Tyros 3 doesn't make anyone a better player....with that said...I will also say that some people after hearing these T3 demos & then going out and'buying one will be sorely disappointed with the outcome thinking this magic arranger will solve their lack of skill, where someone on a Tyros 1 who is exception could make it sound unbelievable.....I personally would rather see Better & Easier Navigational live play features implimented then all this mumbo jumbo sound stuff....but that's me. At this point Im happy with sounds & styles....I'm not happy with Features on any arranger & hopefully one day they will listen to REAL pro players in the trenches to change them for the better then they are now.

Buyer beware!