I think when persons try to compare the Tyros with the mediastation they are mixing apples and oranges.
They are not the same type of keyboard.
Just because on the Mediastation you can play styles and it has arranger features, does not put it in the same category as the Tyros.
The Tyros is just an arranger and is marketed as such.
The mediastation on the other hand is a different type of keyboard. Yes it is an arranger but it is also a lot more than an arranger.
It has features as would a traditional workstation would have and it also has audio recording. It uses computer technology to assemble some of its sounds.
So you see Tyros is really at best 30% of what the mediastation is.

That is why persons would buy the mediastation and pay a price that is more than a Tyros. Tyros is jus an arranger Mediastation is arranger, workstation DAW + integrated in a single unit.
Persons who own and have played a Korg PA 1x, 2x, or 800 or a Gem Genesys would be better able than Yamaha or Roland arranger users to understand what the Mediastation is.

When I hear person say that their computer can do this and that, so why do I need a mediastation, I have to laugh because they underscore that they do not understand what the mediastation is.
The mediastation prevents you from having to take to a gig and from having to set-up at a gig a computer, keyboard, soundcard, midi and USB cables. And prevents you from having to make it all work between different platforms.

One of the problems that mediastation have is marketing. Some one other than the developer needs to promote the product. They need to do like Yamaha, Roland and Korg and get some one to create materials and hype to appeal to peoples need for instant gratification and need to cover up their inability to use an electronic musical instrument.

There is no doubt that better demos would help in promoting the product. But I have to caution that online demos can go both ways. Some one can make a keyboard sound good in a demo and another person can make the same keyboard bad playing it live. Likewise a person could make a keyboard demo sound bad but another person can make that same keyboard sound good live.

I am sure all of us can take a T2 or a G70 use a GM bank for sounds and put up a real bad demo.

If the spects of the Mediastation are what they are advertised to be, even if the online demos are not what I expect them to be, it does not deter me from wanting to try the mediastation in person. I guess that is because I understand styles, VSTs, and the benefit of integration. I am not just a one fingered OTB CD sounding arranger player.