Originally posted by kla4:
EVERY PC can run virtual (Native)Instruments,
EVERY PC is able to run MP3-players,
EVERY PC can playback (huge) samples,
so there is nothing revolutionary/'special' to an MS at all..... oh yes there is : awful user interface.

Since you're making such bold statements perhaps you'd like to enlighten me as to how the Mediastations Interface is "awful". Obviously you must have played and used the Mediastation in person to conclude that. Or are you one of those people who don't actually have to play or see the instrument in person to conclude its crap?

Also, I'm curious to know which PC can run all the applications that say Wersi or Lionstracs can and offer a similar type of interface and portability that's also stable?

Who wants to lug around a PC, 76 or 88 note controller keyboard, mixer, monitor, and GUI module when companies like Wersi and Lionstracs already make workstations that have all those same features and are stable?