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To be frank, I feel Ian has a propensity to go on the "attack" when he feels Yamaha is threatened in some way and it's more than just your average respectful disagreement it's many times more of a "bitter" and scarcastic 'attack' on the person and which, in my opinion, crosses the line between a healthy debate and/or a "respectfully" heated exchange of words into one of "ad hominem", done spitefully with vengeful sarcasm as its intention.

Nice of you to be "frank", Mike...now, how about trying "polite, and "respectful".

Please stop referring to me in your posts...unless you want a response that may or may not appeal to your delicate nature.

You can always e-mail me privately with your concerns about my biases or whatever annoys you...but then you wouldn't have the opportunity to try and make yourself look smart in front of the other members.

It isn't working.

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