Originally posted by DanO1:
Ian said "PSS...I haven't heard anything from Wersi or Lointracs that impressed me...at least from the lackluster demos....hardly ear-inspiring...may as well be listening to a Casio (my apologies to Casio)."

Ian ..

As an employee of Yamaha, you should really be more professional about your biased comments.

Show some class....

Sorry my "class" doesn't meet your standards, Dan, but, then again, yours doesn't meet mine...guess we'll have to live with that fact.

I tell it like it is, as you do...if you think the demos by Wersi and Lointracs are wonderful, then you have more than a "class" issue.

If you are busy looking after your own methods of evaluation of Lointracs/Wersi, then you shouldn't have time to critize mine.

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