Originally posted by Diki:
I can't believe you have the gall to come onto this forum, and continue to act as if you had anything to offer that remotely matched any of the Big 3's sonic offerings. Let's spell it out for you one more time. If YOU can't make your own arranger sound remotely as impressive as the competition, what's the point?

Oh yeah, that's right. WE'RE BETTER THAN YOU, aren't we? In OUR hands, it will cease to sound like a Casio (nice to see you acknowledging your REAL competition ) and will finally sound better than the T3, as per your promise.

You know what else we are better at, too?

Detecting bullshit.


It's only bullshit if what Dom were saying wasn't true. Of course you've never played a Mediastation so you're presuming it sounds like a Casio and doesn't have the features other arranger/workstations do and you'd be dead wrong.

You bash Domenic for voicing his opinions and yet you're talking out of your derriere by stating things about keyboards you've never even played in person. Sure Domenic needs to get some decent demos of the Mediastation but just because he doesn't have them up doesn't mean the Mediastation sounds like a Casio. You also say the Wersi is crap and yet you've never played one of those in person either. I think you should just refrain from commenting if you don't have first hand knowledge about the product. Conjecture doesn't suit you well.