I agree with you man... I honestly think one of the biggest things about the MS that deters players here (other than lack of demos) is that the MS is literally a bad-ass music PC with one hell of a custom midi controller. I've noticed here that when something as complex as the MS with it's OS being computer based for example..., and with some here the moment you mention MIDI.., well they're running the other way. You're also right in that the MS isn't just an arranger. Sure it has arranger features, but it's so much more than that..., and it goes so much deeper than any traditional arranger made by the top 3. The arranger section is just one of the many HUGE features of the MS. The MS does have features that puts in a class above the other top arrangers too.

I will say however..., that you may not get a good response on this comment

I am not just a one fingered OTB CD sounding arranger player.
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