Firstly, great job by the YamahaPKOwner team on putting up the review and the demos!

However, I disagree with the reviewer on YamahaPkowner that the new T3 sounds grittier or dirtier. The acoustic sounds individually are wonderful and the Sa2 voices are a marvelous implementation, but the entire keyboard sounds the same as previous models; docile and over-compressed not live and colorful. Even with the new DSP section, the keyboard sounds like a plate of glass. It's almost Muzak-like???

After owning both the T1 and the T2 and now the Korg Pa2. I can tell you there is a presence about the Korg samples, even without effects, that just emote a more lively colorful performance.

Al Giordano

Korg Pa2xpro, Roland VK8-M, DW Collectors Series Drums, Roland TD-12 Vdrums, Roland SPD-S.

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