You HAVE NOT seen or even played a Wersi or a Mediastation in person therefore you don't have a clue as to what either one truly sounds like. Everything else is merely conjecture on your part ands that's a fact!

I use my ears quite well thank you and I have a set of Mastering monitors as well as other high end studio monitors to listen through. If it doesn't sound good on my system then the problem isn't with the reference system, its the source. I can assure you both the Wersi and the Lionstracs have nothing to be ashamed of in the sound department.

If you truly believe that people all over the world have spent thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars on Wersi and Lionstracs and are refraining from bashing the instruments because they "paid too much" and are in "denial", you're a fool. I have an arsenal of pro keyboards, synthesizers, and samplers, most that many people have never seen let alone could ever afford. Unlike yourself, I have a solid basis to judge the Mediastation and Wersi side by side in person against all these other keyboards. Can you say the same?

You seriously need to shut the hell up if you can't offer opinions based in fact. Your endless rhetoric about how these high end arrangers are crap when you haven't even seen or heard one is a total waste of bandwidth.