Donny..., I agree in that the style creator (at least for making styles from scratch.., isn't used very much). Everyone is different to as style recording to one may be easy and to the other it may be harder. I will say this though..., one of the MAJOR things that I've noticed that keeps people from creating original styles is having to record the drum parts. Lets face it.., not everyone is a drummer.., and playing keyboard drums for some is extremely hard. There's just something about inputing the drum parts in ONE piece at a time that for some really just ends up in a dull and lifeless drum track..., then add to that having to create the drum fills...

Personally I think that today's arrangers have a very intuitive way of creating styles.. IMO it's not really the limitations of the board or difficulty in the OS, but I so often finds it's user limitations that hold them back. Again.., from what I've seen over the years.., when it comes to having to record those drums many have trouble in this area.

Of course this is why arrangers are SOOOO popular too... You get all those great pre-recorded drum tracks with good fills, intro, ect.

I will give a suggestion to some though. Often you can completey spice up a preset style by making changes to the drums only... You can actually with very little work go in and add more dynamics to the drum parts manually and make the style pop more. That's what I used to do with my older PSR's... I'd go into an existing style.., then I'd make changes in the drum sections. If the drums are dull and lack dynamics all you have to do is delete a few of the notes (snare for example..., and manually play that part adding more emphasis say on the second hit).., you can also delete a note here and there in the hi-hats and replace those with more expressive hits. You'd be amazed at how a style can completey pop when you make minute changes to the drum track to bring more life to it. Doing this is much easier than recording the entire drum track manually.
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