Hi Frank,
I've got a heap of effects. I'm still a bit rusty on their useage ( so, I didn't want to advise on something I don't fully understand). I better get out the manual on Forte and do a bit of reading ( haa haa)
I haven't bothered with my Hypercanvas for quite a while, because I like the fonts, if I'm not mistaken, Hypercanvas has it's own effects?
To be quite honest, I'm not sure that I hear that great a difference when I use reverb effect or when I don't. Either I'm doing some wrong, or, keep in mind, I'm actually playing my fonts through my Clavinova's speaker system ie my computer audio out, is plugged into Clavinova audio in.

My Clav has an unusual sound system, it actually has an inbuilt microphone, and a function called IAFC ( Instrumental Active Field Control)

Phamphlet states the following
When IAFC is engaged. The Clav will sound
3 dimensional, just like an acoustic instrument. Sounds picked up by the mic and sounds produced internally are processed and output by a rear speaker to produce ambience and reverberation.
Also, I use the Clav's piano sound for melody, so with that combination, maybe that's why I don't notice a great deal of difference, with or without reverb effect??

For the time being, it actually sounds ok to me. After I get my soundfont library sorted out, I'll be doing further investigating on effects etc.
Me teeny brain hasn't been so active in ages. So much to learn.

Actually I picked myself up a bargain audigy 2 nx usb soundcard the other day on ebay. Couldn't resist. It can play soundfonts, but it has limitations, compared to using Forte, sblive setup.
It doesn't support Asio ( which I was quite aware of) so using it with Forte is out, as far as I can tell unless I use wdm/ks drivers. Unfortunately that gives me too much latency 10ms. Maybe there is a way around it, so that I could use asio driver, but haven't worked on it yet.
Either way it's proved one thing to me, than an external soundcard , does sound a lot better than my laptop's inbuilt card. So down the track, I may be looking for something a bit more professional, but for the time being , it will do quite nicely.
It was a fair bit easier to install the audigy than my software setup for playing soundfonts, but I've totally enjoyed the experience.

best wishes

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Frank L. Rosenthal:
[B]Rikki, I hope somewhere in your setup you are using effects such as reverb & chorus. If not one of the best places would be in forte Ensemble. There are free effects available on the internet. I use the Sonitus effects which come with Cakewalk Sonar. Equalizers are also helpful.
best wishes
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