I think the Acoustic guitar emulations are very decent in Super Q. Not quite as good as Musiclabs Real Guitar or Dasample ElectroAc, but a bit less drain on the CPU than those two. Drums are nice in SQ too. Makes me wish they had added another kit or two. I like SQ's piano better than the one in my Motif. SQ is very nice to me for lead voices, and I think it it does complement Hyper Canvas rather well.

Although in a lot of cases we are talking live here RHempstead, in others we are not. Some of us use these as studio sounds as well. I do both, although live play is incidental for me, in that I do it occasionally, not for a living.

Even though I readily accept the idea that sound itself is very subjective, I think it's hard to argue that any of the current arrangers ( or workstations for that matter ), matches some of this stuff sonically.

I own a Motif ES6, and while it's billed as one of the better if not best sounding workstations out there, I can easily surpass the quality of sounds in it in almost any instrument group with software. No real surprise there.. For example, Musiclabs Real Guitar contains more Sample Rom for a few guitar sounds than the ES does for it's entire sound palette. It also has several specialized effects that give it a more real guitar feel. These are adjustable and are quite playable in real time, even using a standard keyboard as a controller. Although the ES6 Guitar megavoices are quite playable, I think they pale in comparison

I like my Motif, and my arranger ( PA80 ), but when I want to capture a sound as closely as possible, I go to software. Ironically, my favorite emulations from the ES6 actually come from the two add on plug in boards. The VL150 Physical Modeling board still does one of the best horn / sax emlations I've heard, and the technology is ten yrs old or better. Ditto the AN150 analog modeling board. I really get the feel of a Prophet 5 from it, yet I still like NI's Pro53 software a little better.
For me, there is more. I always wanted a CS80, never could afford one, especially in it's heyday. The Arturia software version is close enough that I really can't tell a difference, although perhaps a sound pro with a discerning ear possibly could. I doubt most other folks would know..


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