Hi AJ,
that explains why you don't have the same problems with drum mapping as some of us do that use majority of psr styles.

Hi Vquestor
Actually one of the fonts Frank put me on to
called Pro Vitamin http://www.reasonbanks.com/pvitamin_map2.html
appears to have same drum mapping as xg, even though it's not an xg font.

I was really pleased to find that one even though it wasn't free.
I'm learning how to replace drum samples I don't like in the font with ones that I do. It's an easier font ( as far as drums go) to edit, because of the way the samples are set out. It really simplified the process for me.
In the end, I may not even have one of it's original samples left, but it's been a great template.

best wishes
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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