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Isn't that where the response to Scott's original question should start then...
Soft Synth Crash Course
The objective of soft synth is to blah de blah de blah; rather than disappearing off into a welter of technomumbojumbo about the detail of applying soft synth technology using this or that bit of software.
I thought Scott spoke for many when he asked the original question of you guys...

I think Scott may already have a fair idea of what his main objective might be for using software sounds vs hardware. I thought he was looking more for a starting point toward a practical solution. I think he already has an idea of "what", but is looking more for "how".

Actually, what we have said about sounds and other reasons for going the software route has been stated here on the forum several times already in the past. One would only need to do a search to see that. The question of using it in a live setup is also very applicable here, since many of the members of this forum play live. It can be done, and I've already done it with no problem. I play keys pretty proficiently, but my live skills overall are only fair at best when I factor in all of the other things that an arranger player needs to do in a solo act. I've adapted to my software just fine, by creating shortcuts that make sense to me and work for me with the help of One Man Band's soft arranger.

The main point is... having a custom yet open based system that meets your needs, and is not dictated by what the few arranger / workstation / synth companies are able to sell to us. Sure, if they realize a majority of customers want a certain feature or sound, there's a good chance you'll see it. If not, no matter how important that feature is to you, you probably won't. With an open based system using software, you choose what works best for you.

Unfortunately, there is some "techno- babble" or "mumbo jumbo" that one needs to grasp a little in order to make a soft based system "sing". Noone who uses this stuff is saying it's plug and play - It isn't. That's the tradeoff, and one that I was willing to accept. I knew almost nothing about it when I started, so it has taken me awhile to grasp some of it, and has cost me some too. and I say for me, it's well worth the effort and money spent. Maybe it is or isn't for the next person.

Frank, I don't know if I'm ahead of you at all, or if I will ever be, but one thing I do know for sure is that you blazed the trail for me to follow. I knew little of this stuff, other than what I would see in a sound magazine or on a website, but I came here and read your posts, and that was the by far the best influence and source of knowledge to help get me going in the right direction.


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