I found it extremely difficult to setup, but your mileage may vary. I didn't think I was that dumb when it came to software, but I was wrong.
If you try to setup Live Styler (unless it's been changed) the note numbers are totally off and you need to do trial and error to find the split points. When I get home on the weekend I could give you the split numbers.
I did eventually get Live Styler to work and OMB is still giving me one problem. So the OMB software is not configured properly.
I am using using OMB to play styles, and I am very happy with the results, but have yet to find decent lead voices that are as good as My Roland EM20 or Yamaha PSR550. I have not given up yet, but this is a slow process.
It would be desirable to have 76 note controller keyboard.(I don't have this)
My softsynth setup:
512MB ram
OMB/Live Styler arranger software
Synergy GS Sound bank
Soundblaster Live card
Roland EM20 arranger as controller.
2.1 sound system. Amazing bass.
Good luck, patience and perserverence.
I play Roland EM20 and Yamaha PSR550