Ok... maybe it was Live Synth Pro, or maybe something else. I know I read somewhere that one of the App hosts was recently discontinued.

That's a nice feature Frank. I think I can do something similar with Chainer, and I do play my Les Paul into the computer at times using Amplitube as my effects rig, but usually hosted in Sonar or SQ01. I like using Chainer as it also has an audio record function, so that inside of Sonar or FLS I can open it up and have the Vst output record directly to it as I play, rather than having to render it to a seperate audio track later.

I have not experienced the remappong problems that you describe V. One reason perhaps though is that I use very few Yamaha styles in the first place. The KN 7000 styles that I use seem to sound best with Hypercanvas, followed by the Roland VA and G1000 styles. Between those and the 25 or so PA80 conversions I use, I maybe need / use 10 or 12 Yamaha styles ( from the PSR 2000 and 740 ) at most, and have noticed no mapping issues with those.

The biggest challenge for me thus far is to try to get Hypersonic and Ravity to recognize GM or XG patch changes properly or sometimes at all. Not happening at this point, although it was a known issue with Hypersonic and BIAB and a fix may ( or may not ) be in the works.

I find both of these to be sonically superior to Hypercanvas, but if I can't change patches on the fly, then they aren't worth the bother in a real time setting. For something precorded, I don't care, because I can save a "scene" for each style or song in Chainer and open it again later at will.

In the end, we can give you the basics to get up and running. Any more than that, and I think maybe it starts to become like the usual fare we see here.. " which is better.. Yamaha , Korg., Roland , etc ". Since each of us has our own ears and likes / dislikes for operating systems, there is no definitive right answer, except that in the software realm, it isn't plug and play in the way a hardware arranger is, but there are many more choices and customizing that can be done to suit your individual needs, and you can get much more realistic in the sound dept.


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