In a pursuit to make this easier for me and I'm sure a lot of other people, I have taken some of my ideas and some of your ideas and sent them both to Jos Maas of OMB and Norbert Stellberg of Live-Styler.

I have asked to have a step by step for the complete novice in soft synths make it easy by listing step by step how to use their programs along with a specific freeware and demos so anybody can get this rolling very quickly without all the questions all beginners must have.

I'm just thinking about some of the questions I've posed above. You can see I am trying to find square one. I am a player and do well on arranger keyboards or organs. But, the computer techie stuff is such that I don't even know what questions to ask. You all have been very helpful in steering me along on this. Now I am hoping that other people may express their ideas on this post so that Norbert and Jos can make these things as easy to start using as a regular PSR/Tyros keyboard. (Well, within reason anyway.)

I feel this is what I need to get going on this, rather than try and learn each program that is needed to make it work, have the authors of their excellent programs of OMB and Live-Styler spoon it to us pre-novices step by step.

If I can get the steps to easily follow and use, I am very likely to go forward with this project, if not, I suppose I will call it quits again. I've tried this a few other times and quit. I'll bet there are a LOT of people in the same boat as I am in.

Well, it will be interesting to see what Jos and Norbert can do to make life easier for us and to make their products more saleable.