Hypercanvas and OMB work fine together on both of my computers. You'll need a host app for Hypercanvas. I have several that I can use, including FL Studio, Sonar, and Xlutop Chainer.

Chainer is a standalone app that hosts VST synths and effects. I open Hypercanvas up in Chainer, select "all" midi tracks, and I can add a few effects that open in Chainer as well. I route the midi output of OMB into Chainer via the virtual midi cable I mentioned above ( Maple ).

I use my Motif ES6 as my controller and have set up the assignable knobs as my fill in and variation buttons, which is done by selecting the proper control change ( midi cc ) for each button and then assigning it to a function in OMB.

Aside from what you mentioned about OMB, the other reason it works for me is that I can assign any midi cc# to any function ( variation up, down, fill, ending, etc ) and control these assignments from within OMB.