Hi Frank

You mentioned about the idea of using Hypercanvas for accompaniment and Super Quartet for melody. Suppose I want to make some combo style and melody settings. Can I use Super Quartet to do both? I guess my question is can I use the same voice at the same time in the style and in the lead?

Also, I'm looking at the control panel of Live-Styler which I seem to be drawn to the most. I keep thinking of the idea of using a touch screen on it's controls. Any input on this is appreciated.

It seems to me that touch screen and tablet laptops would be handy but it seems they would be more expensive than the standard laptop and also possibly more fragile.

Another thing I am wondering is where do you find a case that fits say a Edirol PCR-80 or a MK-461c.

Wondering what kind of kb stand set up would work out the best as far as light, stable, being able to position the laptop front center etc.

I have also mentioned over on the onemanbandgroup forum that I think it would be a super idea if people working on tweaking sounds and styles could have a way of sharing that data, pooling all the resources out there instead of every man for himself. I would think there would be someplace where people could upload there settings for Hypercanvas, another for Super Quartet, another for Kontact, etc. I would imagine that this data would then work either on Live-Styler and also OMB?