Hi Scott & Roger,
it was a whole new world for me also. I've used some music software over the the years , mainly the odd sequencer & BIAB, software that helped me edit & create styles for my arranger keyboards.
Basically I still don't know the first thing about computers themselves, but I have tried to familiarize myself with the software required ( asio drivers, virtual midi cables vst hosts etc etc) to be able to run the software realtime arrangers ( omb, livestyler, jammer live) and the softsynths ( be it freebie soundfonts, softsynths like hypercanvas or the more expensive software samplers). I've been avoiding the more expensive options as I'd like to be able to work out how inexpensively it can be done and still sound good. That's a complete turn around for me , as all my arranger keyboards have been top of the line for the last 10 to 15 years . I've always had latest model kn plus either a roland, korg or yamaha.
Every couple of years , it was a case of eagerly awaiting to see what new functions and styles the new models had. A lot of the time the changes were not all that dramatic, a few new styles , better quality sounds, better speaker system and some new functions that I probably didn't need, but had to have.

Brings me back to my software arranger. I can use whatever midi controller I choose, be it a dedicated controller keyboard, my digital piano with those wonderfull 88 keys, a synthesizer/workstation or even an arranger keyboard, be it one of the inexpensive psr's without editing facilities, only one intro/ending and a couple of variations, heck , you can turn it into a full fledged arranger with 3 intro's /endings, and 4 variations, plus some style editing/creation function, the top of the line doesn't have. You can add additional voices by way of softsynths.

It's a whole new world. One where the system won't be redundent unless xp computers dissapear & OMB, Live Styler & Jammer Live don't work on whatever system replaces xp one day. Meanwhile the programs are functional as is,( hopefully we get future upgrades) we can upgrade computers, sounds, create/convert styles, upgrade controllers & speaker systems.

As you said Scott, it's a long term thing, even if something better comes along in the meantime, there's no need to get rid of what you've already got, most of it resides in your laptop/computer. I've still got my old win 98 computer for the odd bit of software I didn't want to spend the money on upgrading.
It all takes time, there again , did you guys learn all the functions in your tyros/ kn's within a a matter of days. I think most of us learn what's required for our specific needs, untill such time as we want to delve deeper.

best wishes
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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