You could do a search on this forum to find all the components of my system. The search words you could use are flr2004, flr2005, etc.

In general, it is not to difficult to setup a system to meet your needs. It does take considerable upfront effort to get it all setup and working (acquiring and installing the software - effects, samples, host and so on). Plus you need to pay attention to your hardware (keyboard/controller and computer/soundcard).

I have used my system many times in a live performance situations without difficulties. Yes, it is true that the control surface is not as good as hardware based solutions, e.g., Tyros or others. I got use to the shortcomings and live with them to enjoy vastly superior sounds. My system is expensive - very expensive, e.g., my saxophones costs around $350. I just bought EastWest Colossus at $995. As you can see it quickly adds up but it is worth it. There is nothing more delightful than to sit down and play a jazz combo with a very very very very good piano, jazz guitar, bass and drums.

To equal the quality of the common hardware based arranger keyboards would of course cost less than such keyboards (assuming you already have a computer).