Hi Roger,
basically what some of us have done is replace our arranger keyboards with a software version plus a controller.

In my case I'm using a laptop with One Man Band ( OMB) arranger software ( that's the guts that plays the styles, midifiles etc), a digital piano as a controller keyboard ( I use the keys of my digital piano to play chords left hand, melody right hand, left hand triggers the styles the same as on a kn7.
The soundsource for these styles & melody I can use softsynths or a combination of softsynth plus hardware synth ( in my case a digital piano or you could even use a kn7's sounds )

Initially Alec ( Technicsplayer) was to blame for my swap over from kn7 to a software setup. In trying to cheer me up over the demise of Technics back in Jan 04 he told me of a future where computers & software would be the arranger keyboard of the future. His vision may not quite have been OMB and an array of softsynths etc but it started me thinking & checking stuff out.
Fortunately I managed to find Frank & AJ with who's help I managed to bring the envisaged future to the present.
The system is not quite as straight forward to use as our KN7's but it shouldn't become obsolete either.

If I'd kept the kn7, I could have midied my laptop to kn7 , and used OMB software to play PSR styles . No more need to convert psr styles to kn7 format, ( just do the sound tweaking required) My soundsource would have been the kn7, or softsynths or a combination of the 2.

As you may remember ( from kn style group)??, I loved the kn7 for it's style editing & creation functions. Fortunately for me, most of those functions are available in OMB software also.

As for Scott, I beleive he has brought the subject up before so he does have some idea on what we're on about.

best wishes

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best wishes
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