Hi Scott,
a software setup is not going to be as straight forward to use as your Tyros.
OMB & Live Styler both can use psr .sty files but unlike an arranger keyboard, they don't use a specific soundsource which has it's pro's & cons. Good part is you have the choice of softsynth/hardware synth you want to use, be it an inexpensive soundfont setup like mine or a top quality setup like Franks. Not so good, is that you have to tweak the styles so that they sound good with your choice of soundsource.

Tweaking the styles isn't a hassle for me as I use relatively few. Style collecting was a bit of an obbession of mine. Wasn't till I started using OMB that I realized how few styles I really used. Now I have a few favourites that can be used with a variety of songs, I just create a new intro, sometimes an ending that suits the song, this way it's not quite as obvious that I'm using the same style for a number of songs. I just add styles as I need them. I mainly play piano voice for melody.

I personally prefer OMB software, mainly because of it's style editing functions. Haven't tried Live Styler recently. I like Jammer Live, but the styles don't suit the music I like to play. Even though you can create styles for the program, I found it a tad confusing,and didn't persevere.( Haven't totally given up on it yet).

Laptop 512mb
OMB software
ASIO4All driver
midi yoke
Forte Ensemble
Live Synth Pro/ or sfz / or sfz+
Soundfonts/ Hypercanvas
Clavinova Controller/Lead Melody Piano Voice

If you want to play around with fonts try downloading Synthfont ( midifile player ) http://www.synthfont.com/
and sgm128 soundfonts http://www.sf2midi.com/index.php?page=sdet&id=5038
and try playing a few midifiles via this set up.

best wishes

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best wishes
Rikki 🧸

SX900, Kawai es920 piano Band in a Box 2021
V Arranger/Ketron SD2