I again find myself interested in trying out an arranger soft synth set-up.

As it is, I am planning on getting a decent laptop very soon. I was at first just interested in using it for lead sheets.

Now that I start thinking about it, if I can find some software that I like, is relativily easy to use and sounds good, then, hey why not? I figure that this would be one arranger system that as better sounds and stuff came out, I could hopefully continue updating just the way I want it. Plus the idea of a 6 pound laptop and a 6 pound midi controller keyboard just sounds way too appealling to not at least give this a fair trial.

So, Frank, Rikki, Bluzeplayer and all you other soft synth techies I would sure appreciate some input on this. I have done a search and have a very basic idea from former posts on what this is all about, but it's a lot of bits and pieces to try and put together for me.

First I'll tell you what it is I want to end up doing. I would like to be able to sit down and play this soft synth just like I do on my Tyros. Pick a style, pick from a bunch of my favorite user voices or Registration memory and just start playing. I would like to be able to have ease of going between the different style variations and also want to be able to change solo voices quickly on the fly.

I am trying Jammer Live. I like it that it was so easy to just start poking buttons without doing any reading on how to do it. I like the idea that there are a bunch of ready made styles for it. Although, I didn't think a lot of those styles sounded that great, but that may make a difference if I am using Hypercanvas, Super Quartet, Sound Canvas, etc.

I like the appearance of Live Styler. It looks like it would be easy to work visually. Although, this one I am going to have to download the manual and do some reading before I could figure out step one.

One man band seems to have a lot of good functions on it. I will need time to test it out.

I've got a list of more questions and points but I didn't want to overload with too many questions.

What's the easiest way for me to approach this using the info I've given so far?