Hi Scott,
there probably are all sort of setups, but this worked for me & my laptop. Bear in mind this setup works with my laptop's internal soundcard.
I use
ASIO4All driver http://www.asio4all.com/
because I don't use a soundcard that supports an asio driver. I need the asio driver for
Forte Ensemble http://www.brainspawn.com/products/forte/
Forte Ensemble I use for either my soundfonts ( via live synth pro) or I could just use Hypercanvas or any of the other softsynths Edirol produce). You do need a program similar to Forte Ensemble ( or chainer or console) to be able to use Hypercanvas in OMB, Jammer Live ( and probably Live Styler??)
Midi Yoke only acts as a midi cable between Forte Ensemble and OMB..
midi yoke http://www.midiox.com/index.htm?http://www.midiox.com/myoke.htm
After you've installed all the above software, my particular settings are as follows for Forte


1. Audio Options
Audio Driver Asio ( Asio4all)
Asio Controll Panel
Audio Device ( in my case Sigmatel inbuilt Audio Card)
Sample Rate 48000
Buffer Size 64
KS Buffers 2
"Tick" Force 16 Bit Samples
The above is probably not the best of settings, but at least I don't get crackles & pops. One day if I get a really good external soundcard I'll investigate further)

2.Midi Inputs
Midi Yoke NT 1

3.Main Page Forte I press "ADD"
Instruments & pick Hypercanvas.
Again, there's a lot more can be done with this program, at the moment I'm using bare basics.

Next open OMB.
Midi IN ( is your keyboard ) in my case USB1
( for my clavinova acting as my usb controller)
Midi Out = Midi Yoke 1
( remember midi yoke 1 was used in Foret as your midi option)

NEVER select the same midi yoke no. for midi in & out in your software ( OMB , Jammer live etc)
ie Midi IN midi yoke 1
Midi Out Midi Yoke 1 you'll probably cause a horrible crash.

Hope the above may help.

best wishes

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Scott Langholff:
[B]We are having great difficulty getting past square one in getting Live-Styler and One Man Band to work properly. My wife who has computer trainging and in fact built our current computer is assisting me.
best wishes
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