We are having great difficulty getting past square one in getting Live-Styler and One Man Band to work properly. My wife who has computer trainging and in fact built our current computer is assisting me.

We have posted questions on Live-Styler and OMB forum. Can anyone help us get this thing to work like I believe it can. I still really think that once throught the mish mash of getting things set up and working that my future in arranger keyboards will be the soft synth variety, along with being able to have my lead sheets available all on one 6 pound laptop and with a 7 pound midi keyboard controller. I believet that I can make this sound better than the Tyros 2, or any other top of the line model, to be able to have ALL the sounds that I want and still cost considerably less than the 50 pound hardware beasts out there.

Here are the links to the other forums, I hope that I can get this squared away soon because..........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! haha