Hi Scott,
haven't tried Live Styler recently , so can't comment. If you really prefer using it, you could always use omb to edit the style down. Let's face it, compared to the price of keyboards, these programs are relatively inexpensive.
I use my styles in a funny way, I prefer to edit the style to suit a song/songs. I prefer creating my own intro ( if possible ) in that way, if the style suits 3 songs, each one would have it's own intro. Omb stylemaker can also be used to create a "fade in " intro & "fade out " endings.
OMB has presets( registrations)
There's basically 3 steps involved when picking the song you want to play
On main voices page
hit start
press "backspace " key on computer
then pick any of 60 presets you have setup ( preset: includes style, voices etc required to play that song ( even includes the settings for scanned sheet music, and the speed for it to scroll through,). I name my presets by song name , rather than the style I'm using.
ie if I wanted to play Blue Danube, my preset would be called Blue Danube, my settings would be style Vienna Waltz, tempo??voices etc. This way I'm only looking for a song title rather than having to set up the waltz style, picking voices, tempo etc before I can start to play.

If 60 presets isn't enough, each of these can be used as a sub menu for another 60. So you could have settings for 3,600 songs at your fingertips. It's an extra button push though.

Not sure if you've found the preset function. I didn't realize it existed for quite some time.

best wishes

Originally posted by Scott Langholff:

I also noticed, even though at this point I still prefer Live-Styler that some styles are too large for it, where they will play in OMB. However, it seems to me that in OMB it sometimes requires a few extra steps to get a style and be ready to go. Just like the hardware versions, not one is "ideal."
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