Thanx for the info Rikki

The style preset idea sounds good to me. Although I set up voice presets or OTS for a specific song once in a while, what I usually like to do, is to give the style the song name and then I like to be able to easily pick from about 50 preset voices on the fly. I don't always play the songs the same way, and I probably wouldn't remember what OTS settings I had used unless it was a specific specialty number.

So, my question is, will I be able to have a bunch of preset voices set up that will be easy to get at on the fly? Will the presets only do single voices or can I save 2 or 3 layered sounds to a voice preset? If so how many voice presets would be availabe?

Thanks again for your assist.


P.S. Rikki, I think you should get a job working for OMB. haha