Hi Scott,
sounds like we need a special group (haahaa)that deals with realtime software arrangers in general and a variety of software synths.
It's a bit difficult asking questions about rival software arrangers in groups like omb, and you end up boring users that don't use softsynths.
Only one problem, doubt whether there's enough users interested.

best wishes

Originally posted by Scott Langholff:

I have also mentioned over on the onemanbandgroup forum that I think it would be a super idea if people working on tweaking sounds and styles could have a way of sharing that data, pooling all the resources out there instead of every man for himself. I would think there would be someplace where people could upload there settings for Hypercanvas, another for Super Quartet, another for Kontact, etc. I would imagine that this data would then work either on Live-Styler and also OMB?

best wishes
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