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it can be a bit of a pain tweaking the voices,but , unless you only use onboard styles , or 3rd party styles written for your particular keyboard, you'd find you need to do a bit of tweaking anyway, if you use conversions or even styles from other models from the same company.. They're making keyboards less & less compatible. I had to tweak my kn5 styles when I swapped to the kn7. Had to tweak psr styles for use on my 9000pro.

I'm planning on using a soundfont for my styles, when I get my font all edited and set up the way I want, I won't need to touch those styles again, unless I upgrade the odd instrument within that font. If something better comes along, I'll have the option of leaving those styles as is, and use whatever new soundsource for newer styles. Unlike with a keyboard, you can't just keep adding one after the other ( I'd have about 50 by now) a new softsynth does'nt take up any physical space and doesn't cost as much either.

After I get my fonts sorted out for the styles, next step may be suitable softsynth for melody voices. At the moment I'm content playing my digital piano, but in the future , who knows.

As for prices going up, here in Australia , they seem to go up by $1,000 for each new model. ( KN7 had a retail of $7,000 Australian Dollars, Tyros had a similar price tag) not that I payed anywhere near that, for my kn. So I'm happy to have found a cheaper alternative that keeps me content.

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Hi Rikki

Yes, definately a long term thing. Even though I typically do not like the idea of having to tweak each and every voice, etc. This has peaked my curiosity. I guess it's the idea of not being stuck with whatever the kb companies decided to come up with. And at the prices they want to put on them. The new Korg, Roland and I'd be willing to bet the Tyros 2 are going up in a price range I don't want to have to be addicted to buying them when I'm sure none of them do exactly what I want and there will be all kinds of things on them that I would have no interest in.

Even the idea of just using Super Quartet interests me a lot. To me there is nothing better than a great sounding combo.

Found another free VST host. It's a very good recording software that I've used. Here's the link with reviews.

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