Hi Scott,
you can mix n match style parts in OMB's Stylemaker page. (Not sure how much of this will work in the demo version of OMB, but here goes. You may need to use one of Jos's demo styles, but with the full version your Tyros styles should also work)
Just say you want to put together a library of Style Parts so that you could create custom styles . All you do is use the PART "Import & Export" functions to load & save the style parts ie individual intro's endings fills & variations.

You can even import & export individual style tracks , like drums, bass etc into existing styles, to give them a bit of variety or to maybe fix a converted style that isn't working properly.

Haven't had this much flexibility in style creation since my kn7000.

Even if you didn't go ahead and use softsynths etc , OMB wouldn't be a total waste even if you only ended up using it as a style creation tool/editor for the Tyros.
It takes time to learn the software, but worth it in the end.

best wishes
Originally posted by Scott Langholff:
It seems to me that as a start I should concentrate on the basics of OMB and Live-Styler.

Since, as far as I know, only OMB allows you to take parts of different styles and midis and make your own personalized styles, that maybe I should try this first, even though the look of the virtual kb control panel of the Live-Styler appeals to me a lot.

best wishes
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